The Cambridge Candle


Vol. 1, No. 1

November/December 1998



Two Streets Away
(Poverty is but One Block Away)

By Don DiVecchio

The concert was a grand success
There was an elegant reception afterwards.
Everyone laughed, glasses clinked
Toasts and accolades for all.

Two streets away
A child is dying
She has used up her last breath
A victim of lead paint poisoning.

The concert audience commented
On the lavish gowns of the many
Wealthy patrons--French and Italian designs
Dominated the balcony.

Two streets away
A family is evicted from their apartment
Without winter clothes, without choices
They freeze and starve.

Early that evening
The concert audience enjoyed
Broiled lobster, lamb, roast beef
With roasted potatoes and Caesar salad
Strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Two streets away
Three people stand by a corner
Three hungry shadows
Begging for food and spare change.

After the reception, the well-fed
Audience strolled into a nearby theater
A delightful climax to a divine night.

Two streets away
A woman is being battered
She has no money, no way out
She screams for help--
Her husband silences this protest.
Two streets away.

1994 Don DiVecchio