The Cambridge Candle


Issue 2

January/February 1999


What this Publication Means to Me

By Lloyd U. Smith

Lloyd U. Smith
Lloyd Smith (Photo by Lawrence Prift)

To: Our Readers and Supporters

Starting with our next issue, this is an open invitation to you to join us in an ongoing dialogue amongst us at the above heading*. In this column will appear views relevant to what a paper like ours should have to say AND DO about current and future trends and developments in our community -- developments like: The City Council of Cambridge having on its agenda for action a proposal to terminate public participation in its regular meetings by ending the “public comment” portion of its deliberations.

(That should occur on Monday, January 11th -- Happy New Year!) [If you wish to be heard about this issue be sure to call City Hall at 349-4000 or 4280 and asked to be listed as a speaker -- call on Monday, January 11, between 9 am and 3 pm.] Another such rumored dictatorial restriction of democracy and free speech is an attempt by the City Council of Cambridge to restrict the public's use of newspaper distribution boxes. Check these out!

In addition an opportunity for all to be heard (including what articles may not have been published) will be provided at town hall type forums to be televised. That way, we'll have our own “public comment” (with or without City Hall) sponsored by the Candle.

Write us, submit your articles or letters and call us. You can reach me directly at my voicemail number: 617-576-3273.

Let’s keep the light alive and burning brightly!

Sincerely submitted.

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