The Cambridge Candle


Issue 2

January/February 1999


Having a Public Voice in Cambridge

Step One: Vote!
Registering to vote is easy. To learn how, call the Cambridge Election Commision at 617-349-4361.

It’s fabulous, it’s the standard City of Cambridge Voter
Registration Form -- and it’s only one page long!

Recent Cambridge Voting Statistics

Step Two:
If there’s an issue of concern to you, contact your Cambridge City Councillors. That’s why they’re there. They work for us!


Click Here to find out how to contact your City Councillors!

Step Three:
Attend City Council Meetings. There’s a disturbing movement underfoot to limit the public’s involvement in discussion on civic issues. It’s been suggested that no time should be allowed to discuss issues which we present in our communications except two hours, once a month. It’s been further suggested that public discussion hours take place during normal work hours. Seems they don’t really want to hear our voice.

Cambridge City Council Meetings take place every Monday evening, at 5:30, at Cambridge City Hall (subject to change--call first). To get on the speaker list, you have to call 617-349-4280 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.--the earlier the better.)


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