The Cambridge Candle


Issue 2

January/February 1999


From the Publisher

Dear Fellow Cantabrigian,

Welcome to the second issue of The Cambridge Candle.

I am happy to report that the dreams I spoke of in the last issue are still alive -- and we thank you for your generous, loving support.

Here are some notable things that have happened since our first issue:

Marty Connor

We have Ads! It is wonderful to welcome advertisers to our paper. Not only do ads help us pay our production costs; they also build community support for this local enterprise. Please check out what our advertisers have to offer!

We have some new writers in this issue! We welcome and thank our new contributors, as well as those who contributed to last issue. Please keep sending your thoughts, art, poems, and other submissions. We really enjoy receiving them, and will use them if we can.

We’ve expanded to 16 pages! More space means more inclusion and a more diverse reflection of our great city. Advertising has helped us grow, and we look forward to filling our pages with the thoughts and dreams of our readers.

We had a great party! We enjoyed meeting some of our readers (some of whom are now our writers!) There was great food, fun, music, and spirited conversation. We hope you will come to our next party on February 6th (Saturday night) at the Zeitgeist Gallery. We would love to meet you!

Our web site is up and running! Check out the online version of the paper, and send us email!

So, here we are, publishing our second issue, finding our voice and our way. It is a wonderful experience working with our community like this. It has its moments of exhilaration and disappointment, as life is wont to do, but on the whole it feels very worthwhile. Please let us know how we’re doing in communicating your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

Here are some dreams and wishes for our next issue:

More ads! We would love to have more ads from local businesses. Please call us at 617-491-2520 or, if you prefer, email us at for rates and information.

More great content! We are always looking for additional content from all parts of Cambridge. If there's something we need to know, please send us information about it. We want to include stories from the whole city, and to join neighborhoods together in common purpose.

Another great party! Please join us for our Feb. 6th (Saturday night) party at the Zeitgeist Gallery. We want to meet you and to celebrate Cambridge together. There will be good food, good music, and good people. Do come!

And most importantly, I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who makes this paper happen! Almost all the labor for the paper is donated. That is an amazing feat! All of the articles, the art, the layout, the distribution, editing, and proofing is done by friends, family, and their friends and families. I cannot thank you enough for your help and for your belief in this dream.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and that it inspires you to do something wonderful to make Cambridge a better place.

We are so glad to be with you.


Martin David Connor, CEO

Cambridge Newsgroup, Inc.


1999 © Cambridge Newsgroup, Inc. All rights reserved.